Spidertech signs off on NAB House

One of Hobart’s most iconic buildings, NAB House (formerly AMP Building), now has its name up in lights, with a little help from Spidertech.


The building now sports a new LED sign, the largest of its type in Hobart, mounted 14 storeys above the ground on the building’s façade.


Spidertech was engaged by the Signcraft Group, one of Australia’s leading signage companies, to devise a safe and efficient strategy to install the 12 x 4m sign.


The sign was installed using a combination of ‘rope access’ and a ‘suspended scaffold’.

Mounting the frames with the Swing-stage in place

The use of the suspended scaffold (supplied and installed by Spidertech) meant that the various tools and components could be positioned safely some 50 m above the ground. Where additional access was required, the Spidertech team used a twin rope system to manoeuvre into position.

All hands on deck as the sign goes up high above Hobart

Once the initial framing was in place, Spidertech’s experienced rope access technicians were able to mount the letters and light boxes. Spidertech engaged ADE Electrical to connect the final wiring of the energy-efficient LED arrays.

Perhaps the hardest part of the job (certainly the most physical) was carrying the 1500 kg counter-weights for the suspended scaffold to the roof top.


Applying the finishing touches

Spidertech was able to complete the entire job over seven days, providing the Hobart skyline with a new landmark in the process.

The finished product

Spidertech would like to thank the building manager, Les Higgins of Knight Frank, Barry Richardson of Bovis Land Lease for onsite assistance, and Peter Mathew for the photographs.

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